Intro to TESL Basics


If you’ve never sat down for drinks with a group of teachers, be prepared to hear us groan about the usual headaches, laugh at some oddball nicknames (Poo-poo, Golf, Best, Beer – all real students of mine) and gossip about on our colleagues teaching abilities. In the TESL world, a teacher’s reputation is the one of the most important assets you can possess. A positive word from an reputable source can lead to new and lucrative job opportunities and vice-versa.

Deciding to make this blog forced me to really think about what makes a great teacher and how to achieve a legendary reputation that leads to fulfilling and lucrative opportunities. In order to make it easier on myself and avoid suuppper long articles, I broke it the backbone of it down into 8 Steps. All these steps represent a serious milestones for me in my teaching career and experience. I hope you can learn from my mistakes here and use these articles to become an even more amazing teacher!

A Starter Kit for TESL – Young Learners

Step 1. Classroom Management

Step 2. Understanding your students

Step 3. Lesson Planning

Step 4. Materials and Content

Step 5. Breaking the Ice

Step 6. Finding your niche

Step 7. Recognizing/Coping with Burnout

Step 8. Looking ahead

My hope for this blog is to one day, when my steps are laid out and my library is full, approach some old colleagues of mine and persuade them to contribute their TESL knowledge as well. My niche in teaching has always been with Young Learner classes – specifically the 4 to 8 year-old group – but if dreams can come true and pigs can fly, I may one day have a Starter Kit for teaching Kindergarten, Young Learners, Not-so-young Learners, Teenagers, and Adults/Corporate Classes. Fingers crossed! 🙂


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