Websites for Free Flashcards / Worksheets / Online Games


Here are some short links to various materials to help you make a lively, engaging class with happy students and fun times while learning English. Materials are the bread-and-butter to a teacher’s lesson plan so get ready to become very familiar with these URLs.These websites make our job as teachers MUCH easier and for no cost at all (unlike most teacher resource sites)  so if at anytime while downloading you feel inclined to make a donation – please do so! 🙂


Free Printables for Teachers! And it definitely delivers – great art, plenty of categories, amazing variety,options for sizes, and best of all – completely free! No need to even register or leave an email, this place is a great source of games, worksheets, projects, phonics and so much more! This is my go-to site for materials for Young Learner classes.


Probably the largest free online source of Educational Worksheets for every grade, subject, and age. You can also find great board games, lesson plans, powerpoint lessons, interwrite board and even grammar guides. The only catch: You have to have some materials of your own to share in order to be able to download.

Free once you register. it’s a endless resource for great and not-so-great worksheets. They are very good for themed worksheets and offer a huge variety of worksheets for every age group.

Bogglesworld is another one I’ve been recommended to by many teachers but honestly, how many worksheet websites do you need?

Online Game Websites

This is a great place to direct Young Learners to when you get the opportunity to have a computer/laptop/tablet during your lesson. I like that they have plenty of team player games so more than 1 student can be involved at the same time. Everything from spelling games and sentence monkeys to printable worksheets and boardgames. This one is another winner.

Lots of great games and teaching aids for all levels. Their games can be a bit on the slow side to download but good quality, well-made stuff that parents love to see.

Great site for Kindergarten teachers. I frequently use the All About Me lesson with my young learners, it’s very easy to follow but fun and quirky and can be used at many ages. Definitely recommend taking a look at this if you’re teaching Young Learners.

Another high-budget, classy looking site with all sorts of interactive games and lessons involving popular cartoon and book characters.


There’s my list so far! I’ll work on adding new links and populating it to the max. For now, I think this is a good place to start if you’re looking for some quality, free material to spice up your lessons with. If you know any sites that you feel deserve to be on this list, please drop the links in the comments below. Sharing is Caring!


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