A Wide World of TESLblogs

In the ESL world, it’s important to have great friends and always keep learning. Here are a few blogs that I’ve come across that I feel are worth a mention:

1. English Expressions

Are you stuck trying to learn English? Bored of reading textbooks and practicing grammar drills? This blog has some great tips and articles on learning English which can be applied to any language. I’m a big fan 🙂

Here’s a great article on the Reading-Listening Method, I’m gonna try this one with Mandarin.

2. So You Think You Can Teach ESL

Created to give teachers a place to share ideas, tips, critique and discuss education and teaching. This is my kind of blog and definitely worth a follow. I can’t emphasize more how important it is to know your ESL community, participate and communicate. Check out their About page here and share the love.

3. Aiyshah’s English Page

This blog is a great resource with useful links and great articles for teaching and learning English with plenty of interesting tips. I especially appreciate her Laugh of the Day page.

4. Master’s of TESOL podcast

Masters of TESOL podcast is a new blog and a great example of how technology is constantly changing and improving (?) the way we learn languages. Never listened to a TESOL podcast before? Have a listen to his latest podcast, Visual Thinking Strategies, it’s about using visual media to engage students


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