Prejudice in the Primary Classroom

Fantastic article highlighting a very important issue in classrooms: Prejudice based on race and color. 

As teachers it is our responsibility to create a classroom environment in which each student feels accepted, appreciated, understood, and most of all: encouraged to be exactly who they are.

broken pencils are pointless


I am mixed race (half black, half white) and as a child I don’t remember experiencing racism or prejudice within my predominately white school. I was once called a derogatory term that was not related to my actual race but I didn’t understand. It wasn’t until high school and now has an adult that I began to experience it or at least become more aware of it towards others.

As a teenager I often had to point out to friends and their families that racism wasn’t only towards black people and that making assumptions about immigrants was equally offensive.

I remember once being in a friend’s car and her mother looking at the expensive car next to us at the traffic lights, eyeing up the Asian driver who must have been in his early 20s and saying “drug money”. She honestly didn’t understand what was wrong with this statement. She…

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