Start of the year team-building activities for the classroom

Fantastic article with tons of great ideas and tips for breaking the ice with new classes!

Teaching the Teacher

Go Team! Image used under creative commons licence

With the start of the year winding down I thought I would share with you some icebreaker activities I’ve done with my class to help build a sense of team this year.

Human bingo

Like bingo but instead alongside content questions e.g knows their 8 times tables backwards you can add in things like ‘went to the beach in summer holidays.

The human knot 

I find having a length of ribbon stops the ‘eww  I don’t want hold this person’s hand.’ Students stand in a circle shoulder to shoulder.  Have them put their right hand into the middle holding a ribbon. The kids then find another person’s ribbon across the circle to hold on to. You need to make sure that the kids are holding the hands of different people. Then the kids have to make a circle without releasing the ribbons. This activity…

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