Teaching English is an extremely trying yet rewarding career. Over the past 10 years as an English teacher I’ve taught just about every type of TESL class there is. From large public schools with blackboards, ceiling fans and 40+ students to private classes in homes of the extremely rich. I taught in over a dozen schools, burnt out twice, got fired once, and paid my way through college on it.

These past couple years have shifted my focus slightly towards training new teachers and helping others avoid the mistakes I made. I have many fond memories of my early years sweating away in a public school, trying to educate and ending up babysitting more often than not. Most of my teaching skills were learned the hard way and I still cringe when I I think about the students I let down because I simply hadn’t learned how to be an effective teacher yet. I decided to make this blog so new teachers everywhere can benefit from the failures I’ve made and the invaluable lessons I’ve learned on the road to becoming a kick-ass ESL teacher!

This is for all the friends and teachers out there who are going through – or about to go through – the early years of TESL.

teslbugpv (3)


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