Step into the TESL Library!

All great lessons are built upon great content. Think of it as the meat and potatoes of your lesson – the better the content, the better the lesson and the happier your students will be. Happy students = Happy parents = Happy teacher. It’s a cycle of happiness that starts here. 🙂

Different teachers/books/methods define content differently. Some call it material, resources, teaching aids, etc… I call it as anything you bring into your classroom to use in your lesson.

My aim is to one day (hopefully soon) have an attractive variety of content that will help you create those amazing classes as easily as possible. I will provide you with the links, books, tools and to help you create the best lesson you possibly can. Here’s a list of resources which I plan to populate this page with – they may not all be available at this moment but all good things take time.

In the Library:

  • Flashcards
  • Songs and Videos
  • Grammar
  • Games
  • Worksheets
  • Online Activities
  • Books

I’ll be adding new posts weekly and providing links to free online materials, tutorials on when and how to use each Library Resource effectively in your classroom and lesson plan. For now, feel free to browse and check out the articles already featured in the Library:

Websites for Free Materials / Flashcards / Online Games

♥ Featured Site of the Week: Learn English Kids!


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